We are at capacity on some days. After you enrol, we will be in contact to confirm your starting date and availability on your requested days.

To minimise your fees, if you are not already approved for Child Care Subsidy (CCS), apply at Centrelink online. Full fees apply until your CCS is approved by Centrelink (which can take up to four weeks), you have approved the CCS Agreement on our app, and you have confirmed the CCS Enrolment with Centrelink online. Please see our quick guide to how your Child Care Subsidy is calculated and information about extra fee assistance to further reduce your fees if you are eligible.

To enrol, you will need:

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your child’s Immunisation History Statement from Medicare
  • Your photo ID
  • Your and your child’s Centrelink CRNs if you wish to claim fee assistance
  • Any action plans for asthma or anaphylaxis
  • Any Family Court orders

If you are unable to upload photos or scans of these documents, please bring the originals to the Centre and we can make copies.

Questions? Feel free to send an email any time to enrol@brightsparks.wa.edu.au.