Child Care Subsidy

As Bright Sparks is an Australian Government approved service, we are eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from Centrelink on your behalf to assist with your fees.

Most families are eligible for CCS, which is paid directly to the Centre to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. CCS reduces your fees for an approved number care hours per fortnight depending on your (and your partner’s) amount of work, training, study, volunteering, looking for work, or other eligible activities. The amount of reduction depends on your household income. See more information from Centrelink about:

We recommend applying for CCS at Centrelink before enrolling. Full fees are payable until your CCS is approved by Centrelink.

CCS Activity Test

For the Activity Test, eligible activities are:

  • regular work
  • your highest expected amount of casual or irregular work in a fortnight over the next three months
  • paid or unpaid leave
  • study
  • training
  • looking for work
  • unpaid work
  • setting up a business and
  • volunteering.

You should include breaks and travel time in your Activity Test hours. You may be eligible for an exemption to the Activity Test.

Transition to Work

If you are studying, training, looking for a job, or transitioning off an Income Support Payment, you may be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy Transition to Work. See more information from Centrelink about the Transition to Work subsidy.

Temporary Financial Hardship

Full fees may be covered for up to 13 weeks if you have recently experienced a financial hardship which has substantially reduced your capacity to pay child care fees. You may be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy Temporary Financial Hardship if you have recently lost your job, lost income or a business, been affected by a major disaster, lost your home, lost a partner or child, lost child support, or been affected by family or domestic violence. See more information from Centrelink about the Temporary Financial Hardship subsidy.


Grandparents are eligible for full fee assistance for grandchildren in their care when receiving an income support payment. See more information from Centrelink about the Grandparent subsidy.

Child Wellbeing

Additional Child Care Subsidy covers full fees where a child is at risk of serious abuse or neglect. This may apply if a child is at risk of experiencing harm through physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse, or domestic or family violence. Risks of neglect include parent mental health issues, stress, family instability, substance abuse, or a lack of parenting capacity. Please contact us for more information about Child Wellbeing.