Our long day care program welcomes children from 6 weeks to school age. This program is planned by a university-qualified educator to follow the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Each room’s program is tailored to the age group as well as focusing on children’s individual development and interests.

We making learning visible through written observations of your child’s thoughts and ideas as they learn. We collect their experiences, comments, learning stories, and photos. Your child’s unique learning experiences are collected in a portfolio which is available at any time for you to enjoy.

Nursery and Babies rooms

We truly understand the need for your baby to build a strong connection with a sensitive and nurturing educator.

Our program is designed around your baby’s unique patterns of sleeping, eating and playing. Our team will introduce activities that will develop their physical, emotional, and social skills as well as promote healthy brain development through sensory experiences.

We have a separate Nursery for babies not yet walking, and a Babies room for walkers. Your baby will receive lots of personal attention from our educators who are available for constant communication throughout your child’s day.

Toddlers room

Children of this age are developing their independence and their own unique set of interests and abilities. Activities are designed around these interests and abilities to celebrate this growing independence. Our team will guide children through working together to develop their social, language and communication skills. Scientific and mathematical skills will be embedded into playful activities.

Your child will be encouraged to use their creative and imaginative skills on a regular basis.

Pre-Kindy room

Our curriculum is tailored to grow and change with the needs of your child. Our educators guide and encourage children through learning experiences while developing foundational skills necessary for transition into Kindy. Focus areas include language, communication skills, social skills, numbers, shapes, colours, playing co-operatively, creativity, sensory experiences, fine and gross motor skills, understanding the world around them, developing independence, and emotional regulation.