Our Kindy is led by a university-qualified Kindy teacher and a team of qualified educators. Our program is tailored to grow and change with the needs of your child. Our Kindy teacher and educators guide and encourage children through learning experiences while developing foundational skills necessary for transition into formal schooling.

Kindy curriculum

k1We use the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework and WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines to guide our programming in the key areas of:

  • Language, literacy and communication skills, social skills
  • Maths, number, shape and space
  • Problem solving, relating to others, playing co-operatively
  • Investigating, exploring, questioning, thinking and wondering
  • Creativity, sensory experiences
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Understanding different cultures and the world around them
  • Developing confidence, independence, self-esteem, and emotional regulation.

Second language learning

ella2We are proud that our Kindy curriculum includes second language learning through the Australian Government’s Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program. We teach Chinese Mandarin through fun, digital, play-based language learning that helps children become more comfortable with different languages early in life. ELLA is delivered through apps for tablet devices and has many benefits for preschool children, who:

  • Are introduced to words, sentences and songs in a language other than English
  • Have opportunities to recognise sounds and concepts of the language
  • Gain language experience and practice appropriate for their age
  • Gain ICT skills through using the tablet devices.