Welcome to our family!

The owners and staff at Bright Sparks Early Learning Centre warmly welcome you and your child to our family. Our dedicated team of experienced, qualified educators provide stimulating learning and individual nurture for your child entrusted into our care.

The purpose of our family owned Centre is to provide the highest quality education and care, with a focus on learning through play. Our strongly held values are that:

  • Your child’s safety and care is our number one priority
  • Your child is valued as a unique individual
  • Relationships and families matter
  • Parents are our primary partners
  • We strive for quality and value for money.

This handbook outlines our programs, policies, and procedures. Feel free to ask any questions. We want you to be confident that you’ve made the right decision, to enable you to pursue your dreams, while sparking your child’s imagination for a brighter future.

Our approach

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children,
the more intense will be their motivations
and the richer their experiences.”
— Loris Malaguzzi , founder of Reggio Emilia

At Bright Sparks, we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and follow the Early Years Learning Framework.

We believe children are competent, creative, and curious learners. Play is a vital tool children use to make sense of the world through exploration.

The Reggio Emilia approach is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community, and is recognised worldwide as best practice for early childhood education. This flexible approach, developed over 50 years, emerges from children’s ideas, thoughts and observations. Learning is viewed as a journey, and education as building relationships with people and creating connections between ideas
and the environment.

Our team works collaboratively to develop a curriculum based on the children’s ideas and interests. We understand the importance of reflection to influence our decisions, and believe that enriching experiences support children in developing a lifelong passion for learning.

We believe the environment is the “third teacher” and design aesthetically pleasing spaces indoors and outdoors to inspire and engage. We offer opportunities for children to be active participants in their learning through hands on exploration and investigation. We encourage children to develop connection and appreciation for the natural environment and support their involvement in sustainable practices.

Relationships are integral to creating a sense of belonging. Each child belongs to a unique family with their own culture and traditions. We value strong relationships with families and the community and celebrate the valuable learning opportunities available to us through the diversity within our Centre.

We recognise that parents are the child’s first and most influential teachers and an integral part of their child’s learning. We encourage parents to be our partners in helping children reach their potential.


Effective communication ensures we all share important information about your child’s education and care. Feel free to discuss your child’s progress with your room leaders at any time.

OWNA is our parent app which will keep you updated with live learning stories, photos, videos, and notifications on your child’s sleep, meals, and toileting through the day. You can also sign your child in and out on your phone, notify absences, and book extra days.

Please refer to posts on our app and administrative notices emailed to the primary parent. Follow us on Facebook for news and upcoming events. The latest version of policies and procedures are always available to view in the app. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, policies are reviewed regularly and we welcome your feedback at any time.


We encourage you to bring any comment, query, or concern, whatever its nature, to the attention of your Room Leader or the Directors. Feel free to phone, chat with us, or email us. Our aim is to address your concerns immediately, to your satisfaction, and in confidence.

Continuous improvement

The Australian Government has established a National Quality Framework to ensure the highest quality early learning, care, and safety standards. Bright Sparks is an approved 82-place provider registered with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). We are accredited and reviewed regularly, and we aim to exceed National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care. We are committed to continuous improvement through ongoing reflection on our education and care practices.

Enrolling your child

“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.”
— Mignon McLaughlin, author

Our online enrolment form will ask for details on your child’s health, immunisation, development, routines, culture, parents or legal guardians, custody arrangements, and emergency contacts. All information you provide is strictly confidential. You will also be required to provide copies your child’s birth certificate, immunisation record, parent photo IDs, and any custodial orders. Copies are kept on file to meet our compliance obligations. Changes to any details or documents must be made in writing so our records can be updated.

Priority of Access

If there are no vacant places, the Australian Government’s Priority of Access Guidelines may require us to prioritise children at risk of serious abuse or neglect, or those whose parents satisfy the Family Assistance work/training/study test.

Enrolment checklist

If you are not approved already, lodge a claim at Centrelink for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to reduce your fees. See more information about fee assistance.

Join our waitlist and we will be in contact with a link to our enrolment form as soon as we can meet your booking requirements.

Complete our enrolment form including agreeing to our enrolment terms and conditions. You will need your and your child’s Centrelink CRNs if you wish to use fee assistance. On the enrolment form, the Primary Parent should be the parent or guardian who has claimed fee assistance. Please allow at least two business days for you to complete all enrolment steps, supply all required documents, and make your first payment by direct debit. Once we have your enrolment we will be in touch by email about next steps and documents required, and to make it easy, you can complete all enrolment steps online.

Install our OWNA app from App Store or Play Store so you can sign your child in and out and follow their learning and care activities through the day. (If you prefer a website, you can access OWNA at portal.owna.com.au.)  Your username, password, and OWNA PIN will be sent to you by email. In the app, setup a direct debit and Sign CWA to agree to the booking details.

Confirm CCS Enrolment at Centrelink to enable your fee assistance to be paid.

Email copies of required documents to the Centre if you did not attached them to the enrolment form:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s up-to-date Immunisation History Statement downloaded from Medicare
  • Photo ID for each parent
  • Any Action Plans for Asthma, Anaphylaxis, and allergic reactions
  • Any Family Court orders or other court orders

What to bring

We supply nappies, wipes, all food, milk, and water.

Your child should wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict enjoyment of activities. Note your child’s clothes will get grubby through play. Please provide a sun-safe hat (legionnaire, broad-brimmed, or bucket). Suitable shoes are preferred with closed toes to prevent stubbed toes and tripping.

A spare change of clothes should be left in your child’s bag in case the need arises for changing. We recommend at least two spare sets of clothing for children toilet training.

A water bottle needs to be left at the Centre. Baby bottles should be made up with formula mix or milk ready to use. Extra supplies of formula should be left in your child’s bag so that additional bottles can be made up if required.

Comfort toys are welcome. Please leave other toys at home as sharing, loss, or damage may be upsetting.

If required, nappy rash cream or any other medication should be labelled with a name and written instructions. You will need to complete a Medication Authorisation form to give us permission to administer the medication.

All your child’s items should be clearly named, including bottles, tops, and caps, dummies, clothing, hats, shoes, medicine, bag, and anything else left. Unclaimed lost property is donated to charity after two weeks.

Please return toys accidentally borrowed from the Centre. This will help your child learn about ownership and respect for other people’s property.

Food from home

We supply all food. If you supply food from home, there are rules we must follow for food safety:

  • If you bring expressed breast milk it must be labelled with the child’s name and date and for food safety it can be accepted only frozen or fresh.
  • If you bring food from home it must be labelled with the child’s name and ingredients, and for food safety it must be kept under 5°C if it contains meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, or dairy.
  • If you bring food to share for a birthday party or cultural celebration, an ingredients list must be provided to manage food allergies and dietary requirements.

Our door is open

We have an open door policy and you are welcome to visit your child at any time. Please give consideration to other children at rest times.

Transitioning to care

For many children this will be the first time away from their parents and this transition can be unsettling.

We encourage you to plan a number of orientation visits prior to your commencement date to allow your child to become accustomed to other children and staff in the room. You are welcome to stay with your child as long as you feel necessary to settle them into the Centre.

It is important to say goodbye when you are leaving, even if it makes your child upset. This builds trust that you will not disappear and reassures your child that you will return. Please alert staff of your intention to leave so that they may distract your child.

Regular attendance will establish a routine and settle your child into the Centre. Feel free to phone for reassurance that your child is settled.

Custodial issues

In the absence of a court order, either parent or a nominated emergency contact can sign out your child. In any dispute, a court order, or a direction from the Department of Communities or the police will prevail. To ensure the safety of your child, other children, and staff, please supply a photo of any person who is subject to a court order restricting access to your child.

Arrival and departure

Your child’s welfare and safety is our primary concern so please ensure staff are made aware of your child’s arrival and your child is handed over to them.

Please share any insights about your child with staff. Signing your child in to the attendance register is a legal requirement.

On collection, please ensure staff are made aware of your child’s departure. Signing your child out on the register is a legal requirement.

Our team will only release your child into the care of parents and authorised emergency contacts specified by you at enrolment. Your child can only be released to others with your consent in writing. Authorised persons collecting your child must be at least 18 years of age and will be required to show photo ID.


It is essential that your child knows they are valued, has a sense of belonging and security, and learns to understand that every person has a different way of thinking. Through embracing and respecting diversity, our community can all live in harmony. Family members are encouraged to share skills, culture, and language with the Centre. We aim to embrace diverse cultures and welcome your beliefs, values, and celebrations.


We love celebrating special occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Australia Day. You are welcome to bring in birthday treats to share. We recommend cupcakes. Please provide a complete ingredients list to manage allergies.

We recognise that not all families celebrate these special occasions and will respect any request for your child to not participate in an activity.

Education and care programs

“Children are great imitators.
So give them something great to imitate.”
— Anonymous

Bright Sparks offers long day care, before and after school care, and vacation care programs. Our programs aim to:

  • Provide quality care and learning experiences that reflect our philosophy
  • Celebrate children as competent, capable, creative, and curious learners who learn best through using their hands
  • Work together as a team to design age appropriate activities that are tailor made to the interests of the children and offer them choice
  • Promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development
  • Enable a sense of belonging, responsibility, self-confidence, and cultural pride
  • Reflect and re-evaluate as a team to work towards a high standard of education and care.

Opening hours

We are open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year. We are closed on public holidays.

Long day care

Our long day care program welcomes children from 6 weeks to school age. This program is planned by Diploma and degree-qualified educators to follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Each room’s program is tailored to the age group as well as focusing on children’s individual development and interests.

We making learning visible through written observations of your child’s thoughts and ideas as they learn. We collect their experiences, comments, learning stories, and photos. Your child’s unique learning experiences are collected in a portfolio which is available at any time for you to enjoy.

Nursery and Babies rooms

We are honoured that you have entrusted our team to care for your precious child. We truly understand the need for your baby to build a strong connection with a sensitive and nurturing educator.

Our program is designed around your baby’s unique patterns of sleeping, eating and playing. Our team will introduce activities that will develop their physical, emotional, and social skills as well as promote healthy brain development through sensory experiences.

Your baby will receive lots of personal attention from our educators who are available for constant communication throughout your child’s day.

Toddlers and Pre-Kindy rooms

Children of this age are developing their independence and their own unique set of interests and abilities. Activities are designed around these interests and abilities to celebrate this growing independence. Our team will guide children through working together to develop their social, language and communication skills. Scientific and mathematical skills will be embedded into playful activities. Your child will be encouraged to use their creative and imaginative skills on a regular basis.

Kindy room

Our curriculum is tailored to grow and change with the needs of your child. Our educators guide and encourage children through learning experiences while developing foundational skills necessary for transition into formal schooling.

We use the EYLF and WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines to guide our programming in the key areas of:

  • Language, literacy and communication skills, social skills
  • Maths, number, shape and space
  • Problem solving, relating to others, playing co-operatively
  • Investigating, exploring, questioning, thinking and wondering
  • Creativity, sensory experiences
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Understanding different cultures and the world around them
  • Developing confidence, independence, self-esteem, and emotional regulation.

Before and after school care

We provide before and after school care for busy families. We welcome children from Kindergarten to Year 6 and drop off and pick up from local schools. We provide a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea and age appropriate activities for all children.

Vacation care

We also offer full day vacation care for primary school children during school holidays. Children will be provided with all meals and snacks as well as indoor and outdoor activities to suit all age groups.

Guiding behaviour

We believe that children need positive support and guidance while learning to regulate their own behaviour. This is a natural process of child development that will have its ups and downs. Our staff model positive manners, being kind and respectful, listening when someone speaks, supporting one another, and sharing.

Where more challenging behaviours occur, we promote proactive partnerships with parents and families to positively support children’s behaviour. Under no circumstances do our team use physical punishment, isolation, humiliation, intimidation or negative labelling as a reaction to children’s behaviour.


Daily activities are built around routines that provide structure and continuity to your child’s day. Please discuss your child’s usual daily routine with your Room Leader so they can incorporate familiar activities to ensure your child’s comfort. The routine structure includes arrival, meals, sleep or rest time, and departure. Our routine offers time for individual play as well as group play. Outdoor play and activities are provided daily, dependent on the weather.  A copy of each age group’s daily routine is posted in the room.

Your child’s health and safety

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
— Dr Seuss


Eating is a social affair and children join each other where they can enjoy their meals in a happy, relaxed environment. Our four-weekly rotating menu is displayed in the Centre.

A dedicated cook prepares delicious and nutritious meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. We follow recommended dietary intakes of nutrients consistent with Australian Dietary Guidelines.

If your child has food allergies or intolerances, it is important for you to inform us by providing written information on your enrolment form with details of any foods that need to be avoided and any suitable alternative foods. For allergies, an original Action Plan must be provided.

If your child has cultural or religious food requirements, please provide written details of any foods that need to be avoided so we can respect your wishes.


We want to make sure your child’s individual rest and sleep requirements are met so they have the energy they need to participate fully in their program. Nursery babies have a dedicated quiet, dark cot room. Please let us know your expectations about sleep, rest or quiet play for your child to help us ensure your child is comfortable.

Sun protection

It’s important for your child to be suitably protected from sun damage. Our staff always model sun-safe behaviour, apply sunscreen to your child, and require your child to wear a hat for outdoor play when the UV Index is 3 or more.  Please provide a sun-safe hat (legionnaire, broad-brimmed, or bucket) and protective clothing that covers as much of your child’s skin as possible. If your child’s skin is sensitive to certain sunscreens, please supply a suitable alternative.

Maintaining safety

Please help keep our children safe:

  • Securely close gates and doors
  • Always sign your child in and out
  • Remove all harmful items from your child’s bag and give them to staff
  • Keep parent and emergency contact details up to date.

Toilet training

A consistent routine between home and the Centre will help with successful toilet training. Please let us know when you start toilet training so that we can help keep your child’s routine while they’re in our care.


All children attending must meet WA Health Department immunisation requirements. At enrolment, a recent copy of your child’s up-to-date Immunisation History Statement must be provided. This is available from Medicare online.

Child protection

We are committed to the protection of your child. If any staff suspect that a child is at risk of harm or has sustained actual harm, they will notify the Department for Child Protection. Our team is required to maintain Working With Children checks.

Medical conditions

For children diagnosed with a medical condition (including asthma, risk of anaphylaxis, or diabetes), before they commence we will develop with you a Medical Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan for you and your child to ensure their safety and our best manegemntn of their medical condition. Please supply an up-to-date medical management plan (action plan), so we can follow this in an incident. Please supply appropriate medication, and record medication on a Medication Authorisation form. We will follow all food safety and allergen safety procedures and inform you of known allergens to minimise the risk to your child.


Your child may need medication while at the Centre. Please ensure you give the first dose of any new medication to your child at least one hour prior to attending the Centre. Please inform your Room Leader if your child has been unwell or if they have had medication before coming to the Centre.

All medication must be in its original container showing the medication name, expiry date, and recommended dosage instructions. Medication must be given to your Room Leader and not left in your child’s bag. Prescription medication must be clearly labelled by a pharmacist with your child’s name and instructions. Over-the-counter medication must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and instructions in line with the recommended dosage. Please complete a Medication Authorisation form for each medication.

Staying healthy

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, all children attending must be up-to-date with their immunisations.

Everyone who enters or leaves our Centre should wash and dry their hands properly and sneeze and cough into elbows.

If your child is suspected or confirmed as having an infectious disease, please notify the Centre so that appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure the safety of our children and team. While respecting strict confidentiality, all parents will be notified if a child has attended with an infectious disease.

Illness and infectious diseases

If an infectious disease is suspected or identified, our staff will act quickly to minimise the risk of transmission. For everyone’s wellbeing, please do not send your child to the Centre if they are unwell. Runny nose, fever, diarrhoea, or an unexplained rash are indications that your child  should not attend. You, or a nominated emergency contact, may be asked to collect your child if staff consider your child is not well enough to attend.

It is important to notify staff if your child has been unwell or injured since last visiting the Centre. If staff are concerned an injury may be made worse by your child’s attendance, we may ask for a medical certificate clearing their return to the Centre.

If your child becomes ill during the day, we will ask you, or a nominated emergency contact, to collect your child. An ambulance or doctor will be called if urgent medical attention is required. All medical and transport costs are at your expense.

Children with infectious diseases will be excluded in accordance with Staying Healthy in Child Care. A medical certificate may be required clearing them to return to the Centre.

Accident or injury

Our staff follow strict health and safety guidelines and procedures to ensure your child’s safety. We aim for all staff to be qualified in first aid, far exceeding the single person required by law. Despite every precaution, accidents can occur. All incidents are recorded on an Incident Report for you to sign on collection. For minor incidents, staff will attend to your child. We may call you after an incident to let you know what happened. Only if necessary, you, or a nominated emergency contact, will be asked to collect your child. For serious injuries requiring medical treatment beyond immediate first aid, we will ensure appropriate care for your child. This may include contacting a nominated emergency contact or calling an ambulance or doctor. All medical and transport costs are at your expense.

Fees and attendance

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
— John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

Daily fees

Your child’s attendance is charged on a daily basis for booked days. Once enrolled, you have a standing booking for your child. Two weeks advance payment of fees is required before your child commences and must be maintained during your child’s attendance.

Full fees apply until Centrelink has approved your fee assistance, you have signed your CCS Agreement in OWNA, and you have confirmed your CCS enrolment at Centrelink online.

The fee schedule is posted in the foyer and two weeks notice is given for to any changes.

Fee assistance

As Bright Sparks is an Australian Government approved service, we are eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from Centrelink on your behalf to reduce your fees. Most families are eligible for CCS. See more information about fee assistance.

The primary parent must contact Centrelink to apply for Child Care Subsidy or other fee assistance (CCS). You are liable for full fees minus actual CCS received including any backdated CCS recovered. Full fees are payable until CCS is received by the Centre. If any Centrelink details are incorrect or entitlements lapse (e.g. work activities or immunisation) then full fees are payable until the details are corrected with Centrelink.


Fees are still charged for booked days that your child does not attend due to illness, holidays, public holidays, or any other reason.

Your child is allowed 42 days absent each financial year without affecting your CCS. You may be entitled to further absences.

Your child must attend the Centre on their first and last booked day otherwise no CCS will be received (and full fees will apply) until the first attendance or after the last attendance.

Account payments

To simplify busy lives and minimise administration costs, all family accounts are paid automatically weekly or fortnightly by direct debit from a bank account or credit card. Statements are available at any time on the OWNA app. If your account falls in arrears then immediate payment is required to make the account current and we will work with you to plan payments to bring your account back to two weeks in advance.

Card merchant fees are passed on at cost. Declined payments are subject to dishonour fees. Overdue accounts are subject to interest. If your account is in arrears then your child will be excluded from the Centre and your enrolment may be terminated. If you have an outstanding balance when your child leaves the Centre you accept liability for any fees outstanding. If your overdue account is referred to a collection agency, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full.

Changing your booking

Two weeks notice must be given to the Centre when decreasing or cancelling your enrolment. Other changes are subject to availability.

Late collections

You will incur late fees if your child is not collected from the Centre by closing time. If parents and nominated emergency contacts are unable to be contacted by 30 minutes after closing, police will be asked to assist in locating you. If your child remains uncollected 60 minutes after closing, we will notify Child Protection Crisis Care in the Department of Communities that your child is in need of care and/or protection and to release your child into the care of a person authorised by the Department.


In extreme circumstances it may be necessary for the Centre to terminate a child’s care. Exclusion of a child from the Centre will only occur after reasonable communication and support has been attempted. For example, a child may be in psychological danger due to an unusually prolonged inability to settle away from parents. In this case, unused payments are refunded.

Other circumstances include a child putting other children at risk through inappropriate behaviour, repeated late collections, account in arrears, parent aggression or abuse, ongoing unnotified absences or parents uncontactable, fraud, or falsification of documents. In these cases, no refund will be given.